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The Perfect 32 Smiling Teeth

Dental Hygiene is something usually ignored by people. People forget that when a person looks at them he or she not only look at your face but your teeth as well. It is important to maintain healthy teeth not only because of appearance but also to avoid toothaches, discomfort and gum diseases. Proper chewing of food plays a great role in digestion and inability to chew properly is another cause of unhealthy body which is often overlooked. It is not extremely difficult to keep your perfect 32 teeth is a healthy condition. You have to keep in mind a few things to ensure your teeth health.

Here is a quick list of simple methods to keep your teeth healthy and strong from the early years of life.

Point 1

You may have heard brush your teeth twice a day but people don’t follow it and become prey to gum problems and tooth decay in the early years of life. Brush your teeth after taking meals to avoid any risk of the cavity.

Point 2

Choose your toothbrush wisely. A toothbrush with a small head is highly recommended as it has an easy access to teeth in the back of the mouth. Make sure your toothbrush has soft bristles as they do not hurt your gums and clean it easily.

Point 3

Brushing your teeth in hurry is not a good option. Always brush your teeth thoroughly. One should brush their teeth for two to three minutes daily.

Point 4

Make use of Floss for teeth. Use the floss in a gentle and slow motion in order to avoid getting hurt.

Point 5

You might have heard “Precaution is better than cure”. Therefore always wear a mouth guard or a full face helmet while playing sports in order to avoid any mouth injury.

Point 6

Dental visit generally comes last in the list. But it is wrong. One should visit a dentist at regular interval of time to ensure smooth functioning of teeth.

Point 7

You may have across people using their teeth to crack nuts, open bottle caps or rip open the packets of snacks and find them cool. But actually, they are fools. Avoid using your teeth for such tasks other than chewing food. This may lead to chipping off teeth or even enhance the risk of breakage of teeth.

Point 8

Eat healthily, be healthy. That’s an unsaid fact. Avoid taking too much of acidic food as they tend to soften the tooth material and dissolve the minerals in tooth enamel which causes cavities. In the severe case of cavities, teeth may be eaten right down to its gum.

Point 9

Sugar is the sweetest enemy. Bacteria present in the mouth converts sugar into acids which causes a cavity. So limit your sugar intake.

Point 10

Toothpaste is another matter of concern. It is not important to have extremely white teeth. It is important to have healthy teeth. So use toothpaste which is rich in Fluoride. Fluoride is the biggest boon in the world of environmental health. It helps in strengthening enamel and makes it less prone to decay.

Point 11

Not only teeth but it is also important to take care of a toothbrush. Always rinse your toothbrush properly after using as it may develop bacteria if not washed properly. Change your toothbrush after every three or four months.


Don’t undermine your teeth which form your precious smile. A smile is the biggest asset. Find more just by booking your appointment with the best dentist near you.

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