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skin fungal infection care clinic in Noida

How to Battle Skin Fungal Infections?

Fungal infections are bought by various fungus and the common symptoms include peeling, itching, rashes, abnormal skin cuts, change of color, abnormal appearance, oozing discharge or puss from infected sites. It is quite common among people who are overweight, people who keep their bodies wet for a long...

physiotherapy clinic in Noida

How Can Physiotherapy Boost Your Health?

Physiotherapy has become a popular practice worldwide. To treat the diseases and improve the people’s quality of life. Physiotherapy is widely used for pain in the different joints of the body like backaches, knee pain, leg aches, etc. the physiotherapy sessions not only relieve the...

skin care in Noida

The New Approach Towards Beautiful Skin

These 12 holistic approaches to the great skin will lead you to have a beautiful skin in all seasons: 1. Hydration is the key Keeping your body well-hydrated leads to better skin health. It can prevent dry skin and chapped lips. 2. Well-balanced nutritious meal It is important to consume...

hair care clinic in Noida

The Secret of All Hair Problem

Dandruff This term is used usually to describe any scaly state of the scalp. It is often considered to be the result of a dry scalp, and this can be so, but more a lot it goes hand in hand with oily hair when the sebaceous...

teeth whitening in Noida

See How Easily You Get a Bright Smile

A healthy tooth is a durable dream for most of us particularly for those people who previously suffered from oral sickness approximately 60 – 80% of world’s population suffer from the oral illness and most of them are qualified family. Today most of us are sensitive...

toothache treatment in Noida

Diverse Techniques to Get Exonerate of Toothaches

The finest method to get rid of tooth pain is consulting a dentist in the foremost criteria. A Toothache is a pain occurring around the tooth that is the result of tooth decompose, tooth fracture and infected gums. Symptoms to be considered when the toothaches appear: ...

Knee pain therapy in Noida

What Are The Causes Of Knee Pain?

Q.1 Why people experiences knee pain? Ans Nowadays knee pain is the commonest of all pains. knee pain can be due to the following reasons Long-standing work /job Age factor (rheumatoid arthritis /osteoarthritis) Obesity Injury (twisting .sports Accidentals, fracture )  Q.2 How to minimize the knee pain? ...

physiotherapy clinic in Noida Delhi

Physiotherapy to Spark Confidence in You Again

Many a time you must be feeling that no remedy will work successfully to cure you? Many patients feel “I have tried everything nothing works”.in the modern advancing world, the new physiotherapy treatments are there to solve all your worries. Physiotherapy is very beneficial in...

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