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physiotherapy clinic in Noida

Physiotherapy Clinic in Noida

Get relief from that excruciating pain by availing the best Physiotherapy in Noida

Is pain disrupting your normal lifestyle? Enough of that suffering! Physiotherapy in case of such severe pain can do wonders for you.

Anyone can be in need of physiotherapy treatment at any point of time and at any age. It may be a child, a young person, a sportsperson or elderly people with condition of sprain or strain, injury or muscular disorder, joints pain or joints stiffness. This can happen to anyone and the best solution is to get proper Physiotherapy treatment. So, in case of any sort of physical injury and pain, you can seek assistance from Aesthetica360 which is the best Physiotherapy Clinic in Noida.

Who should avail the Physiotherapy services?

Now, when that physical pain which may be because of a sprain, injury, muscle rupture or twist is getting severe you should see a physiotherapist. In that case, one should not solely rely on painkillers for relief, Medical relief in the form of physiotherapy is a must. So, if the pain is coming in your way of life and you are unable to do the usual physical activity you should see the best physiotherapist in Noida and Delhi.

How can Physiotherapy Treatment help you?

Physiotherapists in Noida, provide the best medical treatment to the patient in the form of a number of Electronic modalities and manual exercises and not just tablets and pain killers. This is the kind of treatment you need while you are in pain to start the recovery and improve the condition. Physiotherapy helps with movements, agility and overall physical strength. It improves the muscle strength, body pain and treat the cause of the pain and not just provide temporary relief from it.

Our Treatment :

Aesthetica 360 is a leading physiotherapy clinic in Noida. We provide a basic (preliminary) medical assessment to our patients to analyze the severity of their condition. Based on that, we provide them the best medical care to get relief from that pain. We offer a comprehensive range of Physiotherapy services in Delhi (Noida) to meet the varied needs of different patients. The medical condition and the intensity of pain are different for children, adults and the elderly patients and this is the reason we have dedicated specialists to provide the patients with the best personalized care and attention. We offer a range of physiotherapy services like massages, pressure acupuncture, stretching, exercises, and movement, electronic modalities individually or in combination to treat both minor and major injuries and help the patient get back on its feet.

Our extensive range of Physiotherapy services in Noida include:

Our team of professional and experienced Physiotherapists is there to help you:

Our team of highly professional and experienced Physiotherapists in Noida is here to help you get better. We have dedicated specialists for different medical conditions which ensure that your health is in the best hands. The Physiotherapists diagnose the root cause of your condition and then provide the best treatment in the form of medication and physical therapy. With years of practice, they have earned an unmatched understanding of muscle anatomy and its functioning. Whether it is post-operative physiotherapy or treating years old joints pain, expert hands of our specialists would ease the pain and discomfort for the lifetime.

When should you stop the Physiotherapy treatment?

Typically, it takes 2 to 8 weeks for tissues and muscles to heal depending on the condition. So, you should continue the treatment for at least that long. However, the recovery depends on various factors so it may take even longer than that depending on the severity of pain and medical condition.

In that case, you should keep certain goals in mind and when you have achieved those goals you can stop going for Physiotherapy:

  • You are able to resume all the physical activity
  • The pain has gone or has lessened considerably
  • There is a considerable improvement in the movement of the affected area
  • You have achieved your previous level of activity

Once you start seeing this improvement you can talk to your physical therapist and discuss stopping the therapy. However, the therapist will give recommend some light exercises that you can do at home to prevent any worsen condition.

Troubled with daily pain in the back, discomfort in joints or cervical? Or looking for pain management in Noida? Get in touch with us and avail the services of best physiotherapist in Noida.

physiotherapy clinic in Noida

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