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Hair Transplant

hair transplant

Hair Plantation | Hair Restoration | Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Noida

Successful hair transplant result for sure...

“Baldness is a burden on a person’s psychology these days. Hair transplant treatment is a ray of hope for people struggling with the complete hair loss and loss of their confidence.”

We usually take hair loss for granted until & unless we lose most of the hair on our heads. A hair transplant is needed to bring back the younger look, or for a few, it might be to have a head full of hair.

Hair restoration surgery is a medical procedure to restore hair to the bald regions of the scalp performed by highly qualified and trained hair transplant surgeons at a hair transplant clinic. It is a permanent solution to baldness due to hair fall.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a kind of surgery that transplants the hair from the donor area (back of the head, beard, and chest) to the part of your scalp which is bald or has a low hair density. The first hair transplant surgery took place in the US in about the 1950s and since then there has been a revolutionary change in the techniques.

For the hair transplant procedure, the scalp is usually numbed and one of the two methods-

1. Follicular unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant

In this method, each one of the hair follicles is extracted from the donor site after shaving the hair from the surface. These individual follicles are then ready to be implanted.

2. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) Hair Transplant

In this method, strips of skin along with hair are extracted from the donor site and are kept aside, sewing the portion from where those skin strips were extracted. The surgeon then makes tiny grafts out of those sections which are ready to be implanted.

The following steps are identical for both procedures. The grafts are placed in the slit on the scalp created by a scalpel or needle. The entire process takes around 4 to 8 hours depending upon the number of grafts to be transplanted and the procedure opted.

In some cases, the hair follicles are taken from the beard or chest along with the back of the head which is the primary donor area. During the procedure, carried out under local anesthesia, the hair to be transplanted is first trimmed. Each graft contains hair follicles which may vary from 1 to 4 depending on the density of the hair. That is also the medical professional’s unit measurement. This means that hair transplant in Noida is carried out as the number of grafts to be transplanted from the donor area to the balding areas of your head.

Reasons for Hair Loss/Baldness

There may be many causes of hair loss, and a medical professional will be able to best diagnose what is causing the hair fall. Primary causes of hair loss include:

1. Hereditary hair loss:

This is one of the most significant causes of hair loss all over the world. Both males and females suffer from loss of hair due to genes. In this condition, the male may see a bald spot on the top of his head or may see a receding hairline along the sides. In the case of females, the hair starts thinning, and the parting of the hair often starts widening. This is usually seen in the later phase of life, but it can even start as early as the teen years.

2. Age:

Age is another factor due to which people experience thinning of hair. As we grow older, our body functions slow down, and so do the function of the hair follicles. There comes the point in hair growth during which some of the hair follicles die out and stop producing hair. This is when the hair starts thinning, and bald spots become visible.

3. Certain medications/Treatment:

Many such medications cause the loss of hair. For example, chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer treatment causes the total loss of hair or most of the hair. This hair may grow back once the medication is discontinued.

4.Physical or hormonal stress:

If there is any stress on the body- be it physical or hormonal, the hair growth slows down, and you may also see ahead loss. Examples of such situations are childbirth, certain types of diseases, or even excessive mental stress. Even certain diseases like thyroid cause hair loss.

5. Improper hair care:

If you use the wrong products on your hair, do not keep your scalp clean, over or under wash your hair, or even if you use too many styling tools that cause tugging and tangling- it leads to hair loss.

6. Deficiency of nutrients:

Your diet directly affects your hair quality and the rate of growth of your hair. If you are not getting enough biotin, iron, protein, or zinc in your diet, your hair becomes devoid of nutrients and begins to fall as well as the growth of hair is retarded.

Why do you need a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is carried out to restore hair in case if an individual is balding due to heredity or any medical condition.

Types of Hair Transplant?

1. FUE

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular unit extraction hair transplant, also known as FUE hair transplant, is a process in which individual strands of hair and the follicles are carefully taken out from one part of the body and transplanted to the recipient area. FUE Hair transplant in Noida is good for every person who has a balding pattern but has a good density on the donor areas (Back of the head, beard, and chest) to cover it up.

How is FUE Transplant done?

Follicular unit extraction hair transplant is done at a hair transplant clinic in Noida in sessions that may last for around 6-7 hours per session. During hair restoration, healthy hair follicles are taken out from the donor area where hair is dense and is planted on the bald areas. Hair transplant is carried out by an expert team of hair transplant surgeons and their professional assistants.

How much Does FUE hair transplant cost

The cost of an FUE hair transplant depends upon the grade of baldness and, in turn, the number of grafts required to cover the bald area. It also depends upon which hair transplant clinic in Noida are you getting your hair transplant done from and the number of grafts and sessions you intend to go for. For an average hair plantation of 1800 to 2400 grafts, the average cost may be INR 45000 to 70000, For the exact hair transplant cost and hair transplant offers you should contact our hair consultant to examine and do let you know the final price.

Success Rate of FUE:

The hair transplant through the FUE process usually grows in about three to four months after the plantation and for the complete hair, transplant result comes around in a year. It is quite effective since it is seen that about 90% of the transplanted hair begins to grow back. The bald area on your scalp are covered, and there is a vast contrasting difference between before and after the procedure.

Pros and Cons


  1. The best part about the follicular unit extraction hair transplant is that the skin does not have surgery marks, and leaves no scar behind.
  2. It is also an aesthetically better option as compared to the other methods of hair transplant.
  3. This can help you restore the hair that is lost due to genes, disease, improper diet, smoking, stress, and some medical treatment or injury.
  4. The balding areas or low hair density regions can once again be filled with healthy hair.


  1. In the case of FUE, the individual can go for 3500 to 4000 grafts per session only.
  2. There is a chance of folliculitis to develop or some failure in some cases if proper post-operative care is not taken or hair transplant has not been undergone by expert hair transplant surgeons, Clinic, so one should always go for a hair transplant by only skilled, experienced and professional, surgeon, and trichologist.

2. FUT:

What is FUT Hair Transplant?

The follicular unit transplantation procedure of hair transplant in Noida, also known as FUT hair transplant, is a process in which the surgeon cuts out a strip of skin from the donor area that is the backside of your scalp and uses it for hair transplantation.

How is FUT Transplant done?

For the follicular unit transplantation, the surgeon first drew the headline and measured the dimensions of the strip required. The surgeon will only strip off the area of skin containing the number of hair follicles required for the transplant from the donor site. The surgeon will remove the individual hair follicles from this graft of skin and transplant them on the bald sites. The scalp will then be closed with the help of sutures. The entire procedure will be carried out under the effect of local anesthesia, and you may stay awake during the procedure.

Cost of FUT hair transplant process

For FUT, a single graft costs around INR 35-45 and contains about 1-4 follicles. This is why the transplant cost is directly proportional to the surface area of the bald area and the number of grafts required to cover it. It also depends upon the area to be covered or the hair transplant clinic in Delhi you choose and the surgeon who will perform the transplantation. On average, FUT hair transplantation in India costs around 70,000/- to 1,00,000/- but varies greatly from individual to individual.

Success Rate of FUT

The success rate of FUT greatly depends upon several factors that are all equally important to consider. It depends upon the density of the donor area and underlines the health condition of the patient is affected by any underlying health conditions. It also depends upon the post-operative care and guidelines taken by the patient.

Pros and Cons


  1. The best part of the FUT is that individuals can go for maximum grafts extraction which may range from 5000 to 5500 grafts.
  2. This treatment is faster and can be used easily for more hair follicles to be implanted.


  1. Due to sutures, it required more healing time.
  2. FUT hair transplant gives you permanent scarring on the backside of your screen.

Why Hair Transplantation Treatment with us?

Aesthetica360 is the best hair transplant clinic in Noida for a varied number of reasons:

100% Natural and Permanent Results:

At Aesthetica360, use 100% natural hair, that is, your hair, without involving any foreign implants to reduce the risk of infections or stunted growth. The result of the hair transplants carried out at our hair transplant clinic in Noida is permanent, and the patients do not have to rethink their choice ever.

Free Online Consultation:

Aesthetica360 offers you a free online consultation so that you can get the right advice about your hair transplant from our experts from the comfort of your home. This will help you make the right choices and know exactly the suitable method to treat your hair loss.

World Class Infrastructure:

When you opt to get your hair transplanted at Aesthetica360, you can be sure that the infrastructure offered to you will be unmatched- from the clinic to equipment, we maintain world-class standards to ensure the best experience for you.

Internationally Trained and Certified Hair Transplant Team:

Our team contains the best hair transplant surgeons, trichologists, dermatologists, cosmetologists, and their professional assistants who are internationally trained are well accustomed to carrying out these procedures. They make sure to give you what you desire and restore your hair, your youth, and confidence!

Hair Transplantation Methods We Provide at Aesthetica360

BIO-FUE Technique:

At Aesthetica360, we offer the latest hair transplant technologies like BIO-FUE Technique. BIO-FUE is an advanced version of the FUE technique of hair transplantation which promises better quality, better density, and a better look of your hair. In this procedure, the surgeon takes a little amount of blood from the patient’s, uses it to extract some regenerative cells and then injects those regenerative cells into the scalp with growth concentrate to the scalp for boost the dead hair follicles after transplantation. This technique leaves no scar and the healing process is also faster. Since the cells are regenerated, it is also noticed that the hair density improves and the bald areas disappear in a lesser time period without damaging the scalp because it triggers the regenerative properties of the hair.

DI-MDAG Technique (Direct implantation for maximum density of activated Grafts):

The grafts that are extracted start dying out as soon as they are extracted from the scalp. Their survival rate depends upon the temperature of the environment, the time duration for which they are kept ex-vivo and a lot of other factors- including the hair health in general.

In DI-MDAG, the time period between the extractions of the grafts from the donor site to the implantation is greatly reduced which ensures that maximum number of grafts survive and thrive. This reduces the wastage of grafts and their loss and also improved the hair density by a greater degree on the implanted site.

In DI-MDAG, Pre-surgery one regenerative therapy is done for the donor area to achieve maximum density of activated grafts which will be transplanted to recipient area.

When can you consult the hair transplant clinic in Noida?

Many people embrace baldness for life but they find themselves as a misfit in many social gatherings. In short, coming into terms of complete hair loss is hard. If you have noticed the spontaneous loss of hair while shampooing or combing, this is your warning signal. Sometimes, it comes as an aftermath of medical procedures like chemotherapy. It is advisable that you should consult a best hair transplant clinic in Noida to meet with expert hair transplant surgeons at the early stages.

Does it involve any surgical method or the use anesthesia?

Hair transplant is a dynamic treatment which involves varied procedures. Some of the methods are surgical while there are many options to choose from non-invasive procedures. The first step starts with an assessment of patient’s medical history and present state. It helps in determining the primary cause of hair loss/baldness. If hair follicles are weakened, or there is scarcity in other nutritional elements in the body, it could be well treated with non surgical treatments. So to find what suits you best, consult a doctor for hair restoration in Noida.

Is it a successful therapy?

It all depends on the medical assessment of the factors that are responsible for hair growth. A proficient hair plantation clinic in Noida ensure the best results for the related procedures.

Hamilton – Norwood Scale

(Grade of Baldness)

Number of grafts required Suggested Treatment Number of sittings Pricing
Grade 1 Hair Loss Treatments 4-5 Sessions of Hair Loss Treatments calculate cost
Grade 2 1500-2000 Hair Transplant 1 calculate cost
Grade 2A 2000-2200 Hair Transplant 1 calculate cost
Grade 3 2500-3000 Hair Transplant 1/2 calculate cost
Grade 3A 3000-3500 Hair Transplant 2 calculate cost
Grade 3V 3500-4000 Hair Transplant 2 calculate cost
Grade 4 4000-4200 Hair Transplant 2 calculate cost
Grade 4A 4000-4200 Hair Transplant 2 calculate cost
Grade 5 4200-4500 Hair Transplant 2 calculate cost
Grade 5A 4500-5000 Hair Transplant 3 calculate cost
Grade 6 5000-5500 Hair Transplant 3/4 calculate cost
Grade 7 5500-6000 Hair Transplant 3/4 calculate cost

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