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Weight Loss Clinic/Center in Noida

Slimming Clinic in Noida

Being healthy and fit is not a choice but a necessity. Everyone wants to have an ideal weight and beautiful looks. Owing to a sedentary lifestyle and sometimes medical conditions many people put on weight which later becomes difficult to lose. This can lead to body shaming which can shatter your self-confidence. At Aesthetica360, one of the pioneers in slimming treatment in Noida we will not let that happen.

Causes of abnormal weight gain

There are several reasons for weight gain in people. Some of these reasons include:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Aging
  • Fluid Retention
  • Stress and mood swings
  • Overeating
  • Other medical conditions like thyroid, diabetes, steroids, etc

Importance of Diet and Nutrition

Excess weight most times can be traced back to eating junk food or an unbalanced diet or a disproportioned diet. The food we eat should not only be enough for performing all our daily chores but also it should contain all the necessary nutrients. As per the doctors for slimming treatment in Noida following a healthy and nutritious diet will help you better leverage the results of the slimming treatment. At Aesthetcia360, we will help you create an optimal diet plan post-treatment to help to achieve the best results.

How we start our slimming treatment

The medical analysis of the patient is important.  Many times, people desire an attractive figure they can flaunt. We begin with determining the factors behind obesity and the reasons that lead to the loosened elasticity of the skin. Understanding customer’s expectation is vital in finalizing a particular procedure. Like, being one of the leading diet clinic in Noida, we prepare a descriptive diet plan for our clients. It helps and motivates them to consume proper nutrition to get back in shape. Yet, we also have surgical as well as non-surgical procedures for weight management.

Our unique slimming treatments

Aesthetica360 team help their clients achieve hassle-free and sustained weight loss through our most advanced slimming treatments. These include:

If you are looking for slimming center in noida, Contact us today. We distinguish our treatment plans depending on the medical analysis and client expectations. Because every client has distinctive needs and different body type.

Our Slimming Experts Team

The team comprises slimming expert doctors, dietitian, therapists, physical trainers & nutritionists in Noida. The centre is equipped with technology advances and our team has the proper understanding of latest painless procedures.

What makes our weight loss programs special?

Every person is different and so are their weight loss requirements. Some may want figure correction, and some may need an uplift. Our slimming treatments help you get the best results because we offer you customized treatment based on your needs. Our weight loss solution stands out from the rest because:

  • Our slimming experts understand your body specific needs and suggest the treatment accordingly
  • Provide you with diet counseling to help you maintain the results achieved
  • Aesthetica360 have special treatments for different parts of the body to remove the excess concentrated fat.
  • We hear and understand you for helping you achieve the weight and body structure you have always wanted. We guide you at each step in your weight loss journey.

Is there any age limit for slimming treatments?

When there is no age limit for looking young and beautiful, why should there be an age limit for slimming treatments? Rewind the time clock, shed those extra kilos and give yourself the most cherished gift – a healthy and toned body. Check out our customized slimming treatments in Noida today and chose the one which is best suited for you.

Will I regain the lost weight? Are the slimming results sustainable?

Our panel of doctors would provide you with strict guidelines in terms of food, nutrition, exercise and more to keep you healthy and fit after the slimming treatment in Noida. If you follow these instructions judiciously, you will not regain the lost weight. Self-control is an important aspect of any weight loss program. It is very critical for achieving sustained results.

Why Aesthetica360 for your slimming?

At Aesthetica 360, we are making a big difference in the lives of people struggling with their weight. We are a leading slimming clinic in Noida.  Treatments practiced at our center envelopes latest technology upgrades. The weight loss methods we recommend are deliberate and well thought out. For the people struggling with obesity, to the people who are looking for body contouring, we proffer a certified line up of procedures. So if you are looking for a long-lasting solution for weight issues, get in touch with our slimming center in Noida.


Can I lose weight with my medical condition (PCOD)?

Yes, why not. Certain medical conditions may create more complications in the slimming treatment, but that does not mean they hamper your weight loss journey. Our expert doctors will help you come with a customized treatment plan considering your PCOD and any other medical complication as well.

Will I get saggy skin after weight loss?

Based on the number of kgs lost or the number of inches lost, there are chances of mild skin sagging. But do not worry. We have you covered. On case to case basis, our doctors may suggest skin firming creams, special exercises, some supplements and massages to take care of the sagging skin. This is part of the treatment and hence you need not be worried about the sagging skin post-treatment.

Is exercise important?

Exercise is an important part of being and staying fit. If you supplement exercises with the slimming treatment in Noida you can be assured of the best and most sustained weight loss results. Exercise helps to rejuvenate your mind and body, helping you stay away from many different types of medical conditions. It strengthens your immune as well.

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