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Hair Care

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The Secret of All Hair Problem

Dandruff This term is used usually to describe any scaly state of the scalp. It is often considered to be the result of a dry scalp, and this can be so, but more a lot it goes hand in hand with oily hair when the sebaceous...

How To Take Care Of Your Hair in Monsoon

There is no doubt that monsoon is the season which all girls, ladies, and men dread. The dreaded heat and humidity cause too much hair trouble. Almost every day is a bad hair day. Some tips by great hair experts will help you tackle the...

The Regenerative PRP Therapy For Beautiful Hair

Hair fall and baldness is a common pattern among the population today. PRP is a new emerging technology to promote hair growth. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy injectable is being widely used by doctors for hair growth. It is a relatively new way to treat skin...

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Is baldness ruining your lifestyle

Waking up every morning and staring at your receding hairline and lessened hair seem troubling, right?  It's quite an obvious thing to stare in the mirror and miss the drastic changes in your facial appearance caused due to falling hair. Mostly some smallest changes are...