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Sweating over “hair care? Tips for healthy shiny locks!

Healthy and shiny hair is what many of us dream of. The charm of lustrous and beautiful hair adds to the looks of an individual. You can dress your hair in any style and look amazing, and surely boost your self-worth. A head full of healthy shiny hair requires care, here we bring to you quick tips for hair care.

1. Healthy Eating:

Skin and hair health are directly related to what’s going on inside your body. A healthy individual tends to have better hair volume, growth and texture. If you really care for your hair, care for your entire body. Getting the right nutrients like vitamins, iron and ample amount of proteins is essential for your hair health. Focus on a great diet, however, if you cannot get enough nutrients, try taking supplements, like fish oil, protein shakes and more.

2. Protect Your Hair:

Like skin, the hair too is exposed to pollution, dust, sun, and rain. Exposure to excessive sun, heat, dust, pollution, can add to hair woes. Over time, dirt can build up, leading to dry brittle hair. If you really care for your hair, protect them. If you really have to step out in scorching sun or walk dusty lanes, consider cover your hair with a scarf or a hat.

3. Avoid taking scorching hot showers:

While a hot water bath can feel relaxing after a long days’ work, it can isn’t the best thing to do for your hair. Hot water baths tend to dry up the hair and scalp quickly, making them lose shine and break easily. Try lukewarm water instead.

4. Dry hair post head baths with care:

Wet hair is fragile and prone to breaking easily. Post a shower, do not hurry up the process of drying your hair. Experts recommend gently pat drying wet head. Avoid rubbing wet hair, it could to breaking of hair easily. Avoid brushing wet hair, let the hair dry first, the comb can wait.

5. Condition, deeply but don’t overdo:

Dermatologists and hair experts across the world suggest incorporating a deep conditioner into the hair care regime. Deep condition, if done on a weekly basis can keep your hair hydrated and soft.

6. Brush Effectively

Brushing is an art and if done well can add a significant amount of luster and volume to your hair. Brushing massages, the scalp and scrapes the roots off, of unwanted dust and dirt. Use a professional care brush for best results, cheap plastics can be damaging at times.

7. Avoid typing your hair too tight

Super tight hairdos can pull your hair and lead to damage. Typing hair too tight increases friction, and lead to breakage. Use soft bands to tie your hair, with gentle care.

8. Stay hydrated:

Water hydrates the scalp and ensures proper blood circulation, boosting the overall hair health. Consume enough water directly and also in form of natural fruits and vegetables to get healthy and lustrous hair.

In crux, hair care requires you to eat healthy, exercise and avoiding a few mistakes for happy healthy locks.

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