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Top 6 Reasons for Getting Dental Implants This Winter

You might know that cold weather with dry air can be harsh to your skin, but do you know that it can be equally tricky to the health of your teeth as well? With the holiday rush at the onset of winters, busy with shopping, decorating, baking, and enjoying with dear ones, you might tend to ignore taking care of your oral health, which is quite natural. However, if you have a missing tooth problem or suffering from the gum or root decay, winter weather can aggravate such issues. Being cautious about such woes and getting dental implants done in Noida will help combat the winter and keep your mouth healthy.


To help you stay orally fit for the rest of the winter months and the following year ahead, here we will highlight the top reasons why you should consider visiting a dentist for a dental implant treatment this winter.


The onset of Winters call for festivals

With the onset of winters, with Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, and a host of other seasonal events around the corner, you are most likely to gorge on sweet dishes of mithai, ras malai, kheer, and a host of sweets along with cake, pudding, pastries, cookies and a lot of chilled beer, sodas, and juices for the year-end celebration. Acidic foods are harsh on your tooth enamel. Sweet stuff can aggravate your tooth pain or already sensitive roots. With a missing tooth, such problems are likely to be manifold. But do you want to cut down on such enjoyments of life? Of course not! So, make a schedule to visit a reputed dental implant expert in Noida during the winter to get a dental implant done. This will save you during the winter fun and the ensuing year.


Fibers can hit your missing tooth roots

Dental implants are pertinent if you already have missing or decayed teeth condition. Now, with chilled weather outside and festival spree on, you all will be savoring many meat dishes like grilled and roasted chicken, mutton platters, and a host of delicious platters. Fibers in these foods are likely to get stuck between your gapped and chipped teeth. Also, your roots might feel the pressure of chewing the fibrous food with missing teeth. It’s time that you consider a dental implant in Delhi even before the onset of winter to ensure that nothing stops your fantastic dinners.


Beat the queues

Long waits are inevitable whenever you visit a reputed dental clinic like Aesthetica360. Customers make appointments in advance to consult with the best dental experts in Noida. To beat such queues at a dental clinic, especially in the current pandemic scenario, it’s always wise to schedule your appointment for a dental implant in Noida during or at the onset of winter.


Time to be accessible for spring

With winter fading away in March, April marks a lot of activities with the onset of spring like the opening of schools and colleges, cleaning of house and garage, sports and swimming classes opening up, and more to list. Spring marks more activities. So, get your dental implant treatment done during winters to recover when spring sets in. It calls for more free time for you.


Flu likely to affect you

During the chilled winters of Delhi and Noida, you might be unlucky to catch flu or cold. It’s always worse to suffer from missing tooth issues along with suffering from a viral infection. This might cause you anxiety and mental depression. West Virginia University revealed through a study that you are likely to suffer from emotional worries if you have a tooth loss problem. So, why take a chance, especially knowing that Delhi winters can be extreme.


Cough syrups can cause dental problems

As we mentioned before, you might catch cough and cold during winters, especially when it is super cold in North India. Cough drops will be the only rescue to cough. But do you know the sucrose content of cough syrup can pose a threat to your tooth loss problem? It can aggravate teeth pain if you have teeth sensitivity. So, visit a dental implant dentist at the onset of winter to evade any such condition.

Book an appointment with Aesthetica360 for 100% effective and safe dental implant

So, hopefully, you are convinced enough to make an appointment with a leading dental implant expert in Noida at the onset or during winter. Aesthetica360 ensures that YOU are the priority for teeth loss problems. Having some of the most experienced dentists, Aesthetica360 is equipped with a modern treatment mechanism for dental implants and other dental treatments. Also, keeping in mind the safety standards required during the global pandemic, the clinic ensures total protection and hygiene for the treatment. Get an appointment booked to get the earliest slot. Also, check out the website to find any lucrative offers on your treatment.

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