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Is baldness ruining your lifestyle

Waking up every morning and staring at your receding hairline and lessened hair seem troubling, right?  It’s quite an obvious thing to stare in the mirror and miss the drastic changes in your facial appearance caused due to falling hair. Mostly some smallest changes are avoidable but looking at a clump of your hair on your bed or your pillow is definitely a wakeup call to get it treated. Not only men, women are also greatly affected due to hair fall and the thoughts of going bald become a nightmare for them.

What causes hair to fall out?

We know continual shedding of hair can deeply affect one’s confidence level.  As per stats, around 85% of individuals experience hair thinning when they are about to hit their fifties. But there are certainly more chances that you will experience hair loss in your twenties or thirties.

So, what makes your hair to fall out? Certain illness, lack of diet and overstressing can leave a huge impact on the overall health of your hair, resulting in thinning and finally falling. Alopecia and scalp issues are the other major players in making your hair to fall out. Here are some factors that conclude that you are suffering from hair loss.

  • Receding hairline.
  • Bald Spots: Patchy or round
  • Sudden thinning of your hair

How can hair fall impact your lifestyle?

Baldness is not a thing to joke about as there are emotional and psychological concerns related to it. There are a ton of impacts hair loss can make on your life. Ever found yourself in the situation when you started to avoid going out and facing new people due to baldness? Baldness can greatly affect your social life, there’s always a self-consciousness factor that stops you from stepping out.

Some sufferers even avoid going to their work as they are too much embarrassed to expose their issue.  People suffering from hair issues often try to remain silent or avoid certain things which draw attention towards them. Appearance also plays a vital role in the successful and long-term relationship. Your partner might not disclose their thinking about your hair loss, but the self-perception always strips you off making you shy and introvert in front of your partner.

You might be wondering how to curtail the issue of hair loss to simply regain the lost confidence? Continue reading to get your facts cleared.

Apart from all the hustles and troubles, there’s good news for you. Now you can again a head full of lustrous and silky hair. Various hair transplant treatments are now changing the face of hair problems. Several techniques like FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) have evolved a lot and are a permanent solution for your shedding or fallen hair. There are also certain treatments like PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) & LLLT (low-level laser therapy) which can be hugely beneficial if you are on your early stage of hair fall.  Contact your nearest dermatologist and get a detailed report on the condition and treatment of your hair.

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