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How to Battle Skin Fungal Infections?

Fungal infections are bought by various fungus and the common symptoms include peeling, itching,
rashes, abnormal skin cuts, change of color, abnormal appearance, oozing discharge or puss from
infected sites. It is quite common among people who are overweight, people who keep their bodies
wet for a long time, pregnant women, diabetes, a weakened immune system or a recent course of

Fungal infections are also often mistaken for other skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema. You
can catch fungal infections almost anywhere. It can make you extremely uncomfortable and
irritated. Some simple ways you can adapt to battle skin fungal infections are:

1. Maintain good Hygiene and cleanliness

The first step to keep fungal infections at bay is to maintain good hygiene. It is recommended by
dermatologists to take a lukewarm water bath twice a day, and change your inner garments too. It is
important to keep the private area clean and dry.

2. Sharing is not recommended in fungal infections

Sharing is not caring in case of fungal infections. Never share your towels, handkerchiefs, and
garments with anyone if you suffer from fungal infections.

3. Wear appropriate clothing

It is best to wear pure cotton clothes as it absorbs moisture and keeps the body dry. Synthetic
materials cause fungal infections. Avoid tight-fitting clothes especially in hot and humid weather as
sweat and dampness are the ideal environments which cause the growth of fungus. Wear loose-fitting
clothes for better circulation of air especially in private areas like the groin. It is said that ironing
the clothes before you wear them on is best to kill the fungus often present on clothes.

4. Healthy nutritious meal

The diet plays a pivotal role in battling skin fungal infections. Avoid too spicy, or too sweet food.
Yeast and fungus thrive on sugar first. Eat a healthy and balanced meal. It is essential to maintain
good hemoglobin and other vital nutrients.

5. Use only dermatologically prescribed medications

Do not use steroid creams available from the pharmacies. It is always recommended to get the
fungal infections diagnosed by specialists and get the required treatment from the doctors. Steroid
creams have proven to actually worsen the situation in the long run, then cure it. It is best to get
treated for fungal infections as soon as possible and also treat the family members with the same
issue. Some fungal infections have a tendency to spread to others in the family too.

Fungal infections can get worse if proper medical attention is not given to it is important to use anti-
fungal creams prescribed by the specialists as per their instructions and directions in order to get the
adequate treatment and relief from fungal infections. Skin fungal infections can be chronic too,
which requires a longer course of anti-fungal tablets and creams.

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