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How Ultrasonic Scaling Helping In Maintain Good Dental Hygiene?

Q.1 How often does one go for the scaling?

Ans. Ultrasonic scaling is an advanced method of cleaning the teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene you should have your teeth scaled every six months since it is the best possible way to minimize the plaque & calculus accumulation

Q.2 Does scaling weakness the teeth and makes them lose?

Ans one of the most common myths surrounding teeth scaling is that It weakens the teeth however this is not the truth scaling removes the accumulated /deposited plaque and calculus which leads to gum disease. Deposition of plaque and calculus weakness the teeth .hence people thinks after its removal, teeth weakness but this is not true.

Q.3 scaling causes gaps between the teeth?

Ans. It is not so with the time gum disease worsens and leads to deposition of calculus tartar is between the teeth when it is removed: people after think, that scaling causes gaps between the teeth, but that is the normal teeth, but that is the normal teeth anatomy.

Q.4 scaling causes teeth sensitivity?

Ans when the deposited calculus is removed from the teeth |Enamel is exposed to the normal oral environment: some patient might feel sensitivity which vanished after 2-3 days.

Q.5 what can be done to avoid sensitivity?

Ans. Warm saline cruises are the best possible way to get sid of sensitivity
Using anti-sensitivity toothpaste.
Avoiding extended hot /cold food items

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