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Things You Should Know About Fungal Nail Infection (Onychomycosis)


Ans. Yeast infection of nail due to Dermatophytes. It is fungi that only live in human dead tissue. Such as your nail and dead skin cells.

Q.2 Do we catch yeast infection?

Ans. Normally, people can’t catch yeast infections. There are several factors which can increase the chance of the yeast growing out of control.

Q.3 Does the nail fungal contagions?

Ans .yes usually catch them through direct contact will another’s person or will an animal. you can also catch them through soil contact or contact with objects that as an Infected  person has touched .although this is less common

Q.4 How does nail infection look like?

Ans. Dermatophyte nail infection causes the nails to become dull,  thickened and discolored Eventually the nail get separate from the toe and also may fall off.

Q.5 Do we have prevention of nail fungal?

Ans.To help minimize your risk of developing a dermatophyte infection try a few of these tips:-

  • Avoid direct contact with a person with a dermatophyte infection
  • Wear Gloves whenever you are gardening
  • Avoid sharing personal items like clippers or socks etc.


By Team Aesthetica360

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