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7 Warning Signs that You Should Take Anti-Ageing Treatment

People of all age are quite familiar with the term ‘Anti-Ageing’ but unfortunately, very few of them take it seriously at the early stage. Our skin says a lot about our personality and well-being. It deserves a little extra care on a regular basis, especially at the age when it tends to lose its firmness. And believe it or not, the skin around our face is the first place where the early warning signs of aging are evident.

Have you wondered why your skin started aging prematurely? During your 20s, you are likely to notice the very first signs of aging. Though they may vary from person to person based on genetic conditions and lifestyle. If you are noticing any unnatural aging signs and are worried about it, you must understand the reason behind it from the expert dermatologists of skin care clinic in Noida.

What are the Causes of Early Ageing?

You may be surprised to know the fact that our skin is mostly affected by our daily unhealthy habits and lifestyle. Some of them are:

  • Prolonged sun exposure
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Tobacco or excessive alcohol consumption
  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Stress
  • Dieting without any expert consultation
  • Using electronic devices for a longer period

Visible Signs of Ageing You Should Watch Out

People in their 20s usually overlook any indicative signs as they feel that they are too young to bother about it. But early diagnostics could be beneficial to prevent any future aging process. Know from the experienced dermatologists of skin treatment clinic in Noida these visible signs of aging.

Fine Lines – As we grow older, our skin naturally starts becoming dull and create patchy cells which result in fine lines. It usually appears around the eyes where the skin is very thin as compared to other areas.

Dullness – Are you using multiple skin glowing and hydrating products still finding your skin dull? Well, you must visit a skin care clinic in Noida. Lack of sufficient oxygen and nutrients may lead to dullness in your skin.

Sun Burns – Sun emits the ultraviolet rays which damage our skin cells and reach the surface where they cause brown spots and blemishes. Sun tanning and sunburns are the results of sun damaged skin.

Dryness – Itchiness, dry patches, flaky skin, roughness and tight skin are some of the signs which indicate that your skin is dry and need lubricants. As we age, our skin tends to loose natural skin oil which makes our skin dry.

Crow’s Feet – If you notice any wrinkles around the eyes preferentially around any wrinkle-prone area of the skin, these are crow’s feet. Lack of essential protein collagen and elastin makes the skin sag which causes visible crow’s feet. A professional consultation at skin treatment clinic in Noida would be the right thing to do.

Drooping – With age-effect, your skin tends to lose due to the decreased level of collagen and elastin. As a result, the skin slowly starts getting droop.

Puffiness  – Since the area around your eyes is thin and sensitive, the growing age and activities like rubbing the eyes, applying regular heavy makeup or drinking alcohol cause puffiness and dark circles under eyes.

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