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7 Myths About Teeth Whitening You Should Stop Believing

We all wanted to have a bright smile and the best news is that getting the shiny smile is no longer a dream nowadays. Practicing oral hygiene activities regularly like brushing, flossing, and mouth washing along with consulting the dentists of smile creation clinic in Noida are some of the best ways to achieve white teeth.

With a lot of treatments, home remedies, and products available in the market, it becomes difficult to find the difference between facts and myths. Unfortunately, any misinformation on teeth whitening could have an adverse effect on your oral hygiene and prevent you to keep your dental health intact.

As discussed by the professionals of smile designing in Noida, here are 10 common teeth whitening myths with true facts that you shouldn’t believe.

1. Whitening toothpaste will improve your teeth color

We often believe that teeth whitening gum will transform the yellow color of your teeth to white. This is wrong! Though these products do have certain whitening chemicals they are not at all the good choice if you want an absolute visible effect.

2. Teeth whitening will negatively affect your enamel tissues

This is not true! Teeth whitening is a proven dentistry procedure which should be carried by professional dentists of smile creation clinic in Noida. Instead of practicing natural home remedies or visiting beauty salons, it is always better to give your teeth in the hands of dental hygienists.

3. Fruits can remove the strains from your teeth

Most of us have heard that rubbing fruits like banana peels or lemon can make your teeth shiny. Though fruits are considered healthy, however, by rubbing them on your teeth, they will produce acid which damages your teeth enamel.

4. Whitening is a one-time permanent solution

This is a true fact that after getting a professional treatment of smile designing in Noida, your teeth will stay white for longer. But it is wrong to say that your teeth will remain white for a lifetime. With our eating habits and lifestyle, it is better to get regular whitening treatment.

5. You should stop brushing when your gums bleed

When you notice blood while brushing or flossing, you must visit the dentist for a better treatment instead of avoiding brushing. Bleeding gums are mainly caused when you don’t clean your teeth properly. Regular brushing and flossing will help to cure the problem.

6. Aspirin is all you need to reduce a tooth pain

Though it is certainly right to some extent that by keeping aspirin on your affected tooth, you will get some relief from the pain. However, aspirin also affects the gum tissues and can harm your tooth.

7. Root Canal is highly painful and risky process

This is another misconception of people who suffer from tremendous tooth pain. With technological advancements in dentistry, root canal treatment is no longer a painful process. Stop worrying and struggling with long-lasting dental pain.

So, stay informed and away from these dental myths to take absolute care of your dental health.

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