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Our cosmetic clinic in Noida started its journey to be the one-stop solution for all your body problems from neck to toe. We pledge to free you from the hassles of running around and searching for multiple experts for your hair, skin, dental, slimming, physiotherapy, and cosmetic solutions. Aesthetica360 understands your every need to revamp your smile through successful dental treatments guaranteeing you sure results. Our senior skin and hair experts assure you of the most natural facelift. We have experienced physiotherapy professionals and cosmetic surgeons to patiently understand your every problem and treat you with the best care. Aesthetica360 is there only for YOU!

Process Of Treatment

  • One to One Consultation & get treatment solutions from experts
  • Computerized & Manual check to find the root cause of your problem
  • Personalised Treatment Option to Choose
  • Painless procedures
  • Effective Results
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Beauty Treatments

hair clinic in Noida

Hair Treatment

Make your life perfect with wonderful hair treatment solutions in Noida. Aesthetica360 have perfect and assured hair treatment for both male and female.

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skin clinic in Noida

Skin Treatment

Reverse your aging, reverse the time! Look wonderfully younger through our wide range of effective skin treatments by experts dermatologists in Noida at Aesthetica360.

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Dental Treatment

Flaunt a beautiful smile as our dentists treat with a range of best dental treatments in Noida including various dentistry solutions for kids to adults. Happy Smile!

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slimming clinic in Noida

Slimming Clinic

Look your best through inch-loss and getting into shape. At Aesthetica360, you get wonderful weight-loss techniques from our best slimming experts in Noida.

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Back pain clinic in Noida


Live a healthy pain-free life by experiencing physiotherapy solutions in Noida. Get relief from neck-to-toe pain by a physiotherapy expert at Aesthetica360.

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Best Cosmetic Clinic for Hair, Skin, Dental, Slimming & Physiotherapy Treatments

baldness worry
Hair Transplant

Worried of hair loss and baldness? No-worries. Go ahead for hair transplant in Noida, the best surgical treatment across the globe. Hair transplant has benefitted people of different ages and genders to re-grow their hair and smile with confidence in the public. It gives you a new look, self-esteem, and beautiful aura since your hair looks exactly like the natural one.

Laser hair removal feet
Laser Hair Removal

Tired of bleaching and waxing? Time to say goodbye to those heavy monthly bills at salons. Try a laser hair removal clinic in Noida, the finest way to get rid of excess hair from your body. Our laser-care dermatological experts will gauge your case and suggest you the best laser-hair removal process over a few sessions. Say bye-bye to unnecessary hair and wear any dress you want.

Orthodontic Treatment

Time to sport a beautiful shining smile in the public; the one you have been cherishing for all these while. Our orthodontic experts will check your misaligned teeth, be they crooked, chipped, or gapped, and will fix them with the best braces treatment in Noida. You can avail ceramic braces, metal braces, or Invisalign aligners to suit your specific need.

Body contouring
Weight Loss

Tried of different weight loss methods, but haven’t received your desired result? Our weight loss treatment in Noida will help you unlock the real you by helping you shed that excess flab. Our experts will check your BMI and other health issues and suggest you the best weight loss process, customised just for you. Get rid of excess fat from the stomach, arms, thighs, and other areas using our popular and appreciated weight-loss treatment.

Joints Pain Therapy

If you are facing excessive and continuous pain in joints, like the neck, back, knees, elbows, our verified physiotherapists will suggest top-class and result-oriented joint pain treatment in Noida. We have some of the best physiotherapy experts from across the country working with us and have treated a number of people over the years giving them much-needed relief.

tooth jewelry woman teeth
Tooth Jewelry

Tooth jewelry is an art that decorates your beautiful smile. We serve an awesome tooth jewelry service that helps in bringing your inner beauty through your beautiful smile. Get prepare yourself to get this decorative smile jewelry for you!

Why Choose Aesthetica360?

Your Beauty Treatment Partner

Aesthetica360 is a multi-specialty cosmetic clinic in Noida That understands the problem of the patients then starts with treating the root cause of the problem for solving the problem permanently. We have an expert team of doctors for hair treatment, skin treatment, dental treatment, slimming, physiotherapy, and cosmetic surgery treatment at our hair & skin clinic in Noida. We do everything we can to make sure that each patient has an exceptional experience here. YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON AT AESTHETICS360.

Why Patients Choose Us?

  • Industry best Healthcare USFDA approved machine and equipment with best in class clinic facility.
  • Only professionals experienced Dermatologists, Cosmetologists, Dentists, and Slimming experts.
  • We promise result-oriented treatments only at an affordable price with 99% satisfied patients.
  • Each patient gets treated by a treatment specialist only with a one-to-one consultation.


Which treatment is best for hair treatment?

Below are the best hair treatments hair experts perform to treat hair-related problems.

  • Stem cell therapy
  • PRP Treatment for Hair Loss
  • Laser Hair Therapy
  • Derma Roller
  • Mesotherapy
  • Dandruff Treatment
  • Hair Transplant
Do dermatologists do skin treatments?

Yes, Dermatologists perform effective skin treatments on every type of skin. They are highly trained doctors who help the patient in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of hair, skin, and nail-related problems. Expert Dermatologists perform many different treatments, procedures & medicines to solve specific skin conditions and improve the beauty of your skin.

What are the most common dental treatments?

12 Most Common Dental Treatments at a dental clinic in Noida.

  1. Teeth Cleanings (Oral Prophylaxis)
  2. Dental Implant
  3. Smile Designing
  4. Orthodontic Treatment
  5. Teeth Whitening & Bleaching
  6. Tooth Jewelry
  7. Aesthetic Laminates
  8. Pediatric Dentistry
  9. Crowns Bridges Dentures
  10. Tooth Colored Restoration
  11. Oral Cancer Screening
  12. Painless Root Canal
Which treatment is best for weight loss in Noida?

There are many weight loss treatments available to lose weight and shape your body as you wanted to see. Here are the best 10 weight loss treatments in Noida at the slimming clinic.

  1. Weight Loss Program
  2. Inch Loss
  3. Lipo Fit
  4. Ultrasonic Cavitation
  5. Thermolysis
  6. Breast Reduction Uplifting
  7. Body Shaping
  8. Double Chin Removal
  9. Advanced Body Composition Analysis
  10. Body Contouring
What is physiotherapy treatment cost?

Physiotherapy costs can differ based on location and clinic. In Noida, Physiotherapy treatment costs 400 Rs per session at the physiotherapy clinic (Aesthetica360) and 800 Rs per home visit.

Which surgery is best for face?
  1. Face Lift (rhytidectomy)
  2. Lip Lift
  3. Thread Lift
  4. Vampire Facelift
  5. Nasal surgery (rhinoplasty)
  6. Fat Grafting
  7. Scar Removal/Revision
  8. Ear Lobe Repair
  9. Mole/Wart Removal
  10. Tattoo Removal
  11. Double Chin Removal
  12. Dimple Creation

Treatment Results

Hairstyle always matters. If we are really passionate about our lifestyle. I visited this clinic to get fulfill the front line of the scalp to shape my hairstyle. See today it is. It is all because of you guys. Thanks for keeping your words.


I hate pimples & unwanted hair on my beautiful skin. I contacted this clinic 5 months ago for both treatments(mole removal & laser hair removal). In these 5 months, I have achieved a good result that makes me to give a rating to them that they deserve. All the best guys!


I had been facing neck pain for the last 3 month and it became tough for me to move my neck and upper shoulder easily. My daily life became tough. Thanks to my friend who suggested me for this clinic. And Thanks a lot to Aesthetica360 physiotherapists, Their proper therapies completely solve this.


I visited this clinic 8 to 9 months ago with my nephew for solving his problem of unproper teeth. He was having zig-zag teeth for a long time. I contacted Aesthetica360 for inquiry about solving it, And their answer, result's and equipment convince me to trust them. Today, 70% more than result's I can see. Thank You, team, for your valuable support. My money worth to spend here.


I love my beard and I love giving it a new shape, design always. It gets possible because of these Guys. I had less hair on my face due to that I could not show my beard look classy. So I came to know about this clinic via FB. I visited here and took the facial hair transplant(1500 grafts). The clinic is awesome, Doctor's are good, staffs are friendly overall It is worth to give them 5-star rating


I have visited here just for routine dental check up but when I reached. I came to know about my teeth problem which has been increasing. The dentist lets me know well about the problem it was a Bacterial infection and gives the solution to cure it. Thanks to these guys. They save my beautiful teeth to get damage.


I recommend Aesthetica360 to all people who ask me for best skin & Slimming treatment center. I visited here for skin & slimming treatment. Both I got successfully. Doctors are well experienced, technicians are friendly, Clinic is quite good and best result. Overall Awesome!

Pallavi Singh

I had been already faced a lot of problems due to my dental implants and after that these fake clinic's who always promises to be best, That why I enquired a lot and then came across to Aesthetica360. I called up these guys inquire about same and visited here. Today I consider, It was my best decision to choose you guys. Thanks for good support, result and regular follow up. Cheers!

Manoj Kumar

It really becomes tough when you have to select the best clinic for you I know because I faced it. I came across this clinic through Google search & reviews. It was quite well than others so decided to visit. Trust me guys It is completely a good set up and beautifully located. I visited here for hair transplant, From enquire to all window(procedure), My experience is quite good. Doctors are well expert, technicians are professional, Neat and clean surrounding. In one word Marvelous! Keep going guys. Hoe my feedback will help others to choose best.

Ankit Singh

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