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Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is one of the coolest style trends today. Being an age-old trend, ear piercing has always been around being a common fashion among various cultures. Off late, ear-piercing along different spots in earlobes is the latest vogue. According to a 2018 survey, 83% of Americans, including both men and women, have pierced their ears. With so many types and combinations of ear piercing available today, you have full freedom to go about it the way you like. 86% of Nigerians, according to a cross-sectional survey in 2015, prefer piercing just one ear.

At Aesthetica360, we will furnish you with all the details that you should know about ear piercing. While there are several clinics and parlors where you can go for piercing, here you have one of the best cosmetic clinics that have authentic and modern techniques for ear piercing in Noida. Aesthetica360 is the answer to all your ear-piercing treatments.

What is ear piercing?

Ear piercing is the ancient practice of making holes in the edges or lobes of the ear following which one can wear earrings. While there are so many other body parts where piercing can be done, ear piercing treatment is the most practiced among them worldwide.

How does ear piercing work?

For people loving to sport fashion, various spots in the ear that can be pierced. You can even go for multiple piercings in your ear. First of all, a professional will mark a spot on that point of the ear where you want the piercing to be done. Marking is done with the help of a piercing gun or a needle. A trained ear-piercing expert in Noida makes a hole soon after and puts an earring in the hole in a painless way. It will be your decision to choose which method you want to be used for piercing.

Ear piercing techniques- gun and needles

People often get confused as to which method should be used for ear piercing. Piercing guns and needles both are safe to use but there are a few differences between them.

  • Piercing guns can be practiced by those who are trained to use them. Good knowledge and experience are required for using it. On the other hand, piercing with a needle does not require any specific knowledge but an expert’s hands. Always make sure that you go to an experienced ear-piercing professional in Noida.


  • It will be easier for you to find a place where a piercing gun is used as this technique has become more common nowadays. Not all places offer ear piercing with a needle; few reputed clinics are equipped to offer ear piercing treatment in Noida.


  • According to some people, piercing with a gun is a little more painful than the traditional method of piercing with a needle. However, a trained therapist can offer you painless ear piercing in Noida.


  • Piercing with a gun is a quicker process as compared to a needle.


  • A piercing gun is reusable whereas a needle is not. It is just the plastic mount or cartridge of the gun that comes in contact with the skin of the customer. This cartridge is disposed of safely after each use and the gun is ready to be used again. However, a needle comes in direct contact with the skin of the customer and has to be disposed of after each use.


  • A gunshot is a little louder as compared to the silent piercing of a needle. Sometimes when a piercing gun is shot, children get scared and screams out of fear. This might lead to a trembled shot. In that case, another shot has to be taken which again involves a risk of pain and bleeding. Hence, its highly essential to always visit a doctor who has years of experience in ear piercing to avoid an iota of mistake. A needle goes swiftly in the skin without any noise and works more appropriately.


  • There is a chance of missing on the correct spot with a gun leading to incorrect piercing in an awkward position. The piercer has to be experienced enough to do it just right. A needle has fewer chances of inaccuracy.


  • The ear-piercing healing process is faster when done with a needle as compared to a piercing gun. The needle is hollow; therefore, it removes only a little bit of skin while making sufficient room for the jewelry to rest. Because of this, the wound gets healed quickly. This is not the case with piercing guns. The wound here takes time and care to heal completely.

Always remember that the technique of ear piercing is as important as the aftercare of the hole. There is always a slight risk with any type of piercing technique, but with the right care and guidance suggested by the ear piercing professional, you can be risk free. With the proper method at a reputed clinic, it becomes easier to heal quickly.

How young is too young for ear piercing?

According to researchers, if a baby’s ears get pierced at a very early stage, it will cause less pain. Some want it to be done due to their specific traditions and cultural beliefs. However, some people believe that the chances of infection are greater in babies and the immune system is not very developed to adjust to new infections. Therefore, it is advisable to wait for at least six months from birth to get ears pierced. After that, there is no age limit as to when a person can pierce the ears. As a matter of fact, in Nigeria, 79% of the population prefer getting their children’s ears pierced and many prefer to have this done in the first week of the birth of the child.

 Who should do the piercing?

Choosing the right ear-piercing doctor in Noida is very important. Not everyone can execute this task properly. They should have enough knowledge and practice of course to do it correctly. In this case, people think differently. Some prefer to opt for a local vendor or their jeweler for ear piercing. In this case, people tend to go with their family’s choice. When the elders have gone for the piercing process from their family jeweler, the next generation is believed to follow that.

However, nowadays many customers are thinking of breaking the traditional way and opt for a parlor, shopping mall, and gunshot shops. Many people prefer gun piercing which can be conveniently done in these places. Here, the expert is accustomed to using the gun technique and piercing can be done in a flash. However, it is highly recommended to visit the best ear-piercing clinic in Noida where a trained doctor can do ear piercing flawlessly.

Ear piercing should be done in a cosmetic clinic or a doctor’s clinic. Many child specialists also have expertise in piercing. It is always safe in getting your ears pierced by any of the above-mentioned professionals. The important factor here is how well equipped and trained the piercer is. If you are thinking about getting your kid’s ears pierced, you should go to a doctor’s clinic or a popular cosmetic clinic. In these places, professionals make sure about the maintenance of hygiene and safety.

There had been problems of cleft earlobes where the earlobes get split and have to be fixed by a plastic surgeon. Here, advanced techniques like straight-line repair and broken-line repair are used for these problems.

Aesthetica360 is one of the best ear-piercing clinics in Noida where you can get the proficient ear-piercing doctors at your service. They are very specific about ear piercing care with hygiene and perfection. With good lighting and sterile equipment, you can trust them.

What is the healing time for ear piercing?

There are potentially 15 different spots in your ear where piercing can be done. The time for ear-piercing care depends on the spot and type of tissue where the penetration has been done. Around 1-2 months is a common ear-piercing healing time when the earlobes are penetrated. However, if the shot spot is in the cartilage of the ear, it might take more than 3 months for the wound to heal completely. Sometimes it can even take a year to heal.

How can I care for my ear piercing for healing?

Ear piercings are usually the least painful kind of body piercings. However, if not handled carefully, problems can crop up. For anyone who is thinking of getting an ear pierced, experts and dermatologists suggest a few important tips for ear piercing care that will help in quick healing.

Wash hands

You should always wash or sanitize your hands before touching the pierced area. This will help in keeping the area clean and infection-free.

Keep on the earrings

Do not open the earrings that you have put on during piercing. Opening the newly-pierced earring can result in the closing of the hole. You can put it on at night also.

Clean the pierced area

Make sure you wash the pierced spot at least once a day. You can use lukewarm water with soap or just plain lukewarm water to clean the pierced area with a soft cloth or a cotton ball. Make sure you do it very gently.

Turn the earrings daily-

Take care of gently twisting your earrings every day several times. This step will keep your pierced hole open and assist in healing as well.

Use alcohol-

Dab a cotton ball with alcohol. Do not use any strong cleaning agents. Cleaning with a cleanser recommended by a doctor can be helpful. By becoming germ-free, the piercing will heal fast.

Apply petroleum jelly-

Instead of taking any medicines, you can apply petroleum jelly or an antibiotic cream all around the pierced spot. This will speed up the healing process.

Make sure you clean the ears with water and soap. In case of any bleeding or yellowish discharge coming out for more than 2 days, you should visit the doctor and talk about it for advice.

Should You Pierce Your Ears at Home?

It is not advisable to try piercing your ears at home. Although there is no dearth of sterile needles or kits in the market, if you are not skilled at this job, do not try this at home. A professional ear-piercing expert in Noida knows better about the exact spot and way of earshot. The risk of infections as well as any incorrect piercing is remarkably reduced when a professional does the work. It is always recommended to get your ears pierced by the best ear-piercing clinic in Noida.

If you are searching for the best ear piercing near me in Noida, Aesthetica360 is the answer with some of the best ear-piercing experts.

Precautionary measures for piercing

There are a few precautionary measures that you should take care of before getting your ears pierced. With proper ear-piercing care, it can heal with no difficulty.


do not keep any doubts in mind. Think properly before piercing. You have to be sure about the spot you are wanting to get pierced.

Enquire on who is piercing-

never think about piercing yourself or asking an untrained friend to do it for you. Always consider going to an expert for piercing. Choose any method but get it done by a professional. Check for the license or regulations of the clinic beforehand.

The piercer should wear gloves-

this pandemic era has made it all the more important to keep social distance and regularly sanitize hands. Make sure your therapist is wearing gloves while piercing your ear to avoid infections through direct skin touch. More than 25% of the population in Europe tends to have contact allergies.

Clean equipment-

double check on the equipment that is going to be used for piercing. Check if the tools are cleaned enough and properly sterilized or not for no infections.


stainless steel, niobium, titanium, or 18 karat gold are some safe-to-use jewelry that can be worn right after ear piercing. These are anti-allergic and will help heal the pierced spot quickly.

Cost of Ear Piercing

Ear piercing cost in Noida is very reasonable. In India, it takes around INR 400-800 for ear piercing. However, this is a very general local market ear-piercing cost. Aesthetica360 is deemed to provide the best ear piercing in Noida. With hygienic tools, a clean environment, and experts, you will get to know all about this cosmetic clinic when you type for ear-piercing near me on Google maps.


You can be sure to find all your ear-piercing queries answered at Aesthetica360. With top-class ear-piercing care and some of the skilled ear-piercing doctors in Noida, you can trust the services here.

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